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WELL introduction workshop

What effect do buildings have on human health and well-being? As a professional, how can you contribute to healthy buildings in a healthy environment?

During the WELL Introduction workshop you will become acquainted with the 10 concepts in the WELL standard, you will learn which health aspects can be influenced by a building and built environment and why this is important.

During the WELL introduction workshop, the following topics will be discussed:


  • 10 concepts: Air, Water, Nutrition, Light, Movement, Thermal Comfort, Sound, Materials, Mind & Community.

  • impact per concept on building occupant health

  • per concept: practical application and standards 

  • per concept: how based on recent scientific literature

  • per draft: impact on user comfort and productivity 


Directly to WELL. 

Directly to WELL AP.

For whom: This in-company workshop is suitable for all parties in the chain involved in the realisation of the built environment, from developer to contractor and from service manager to end user.

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