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sfdr route to green

The SFDR requires financial market participants to transparently communicate for each financial product how the sustainability policy around this product is implemented. In doing so, green products (Art. 8 and 9, respectively light green and dark green) will generally have a different value development than grey products.

During this workshop, BBI helps to develop a meaningful and practical 'route to green' for each product. Modules can be:


  • Route over the 'E'; opportunities and consequences

  • Route over the 'S'; probabilities and consequences  

  • Value development and risks

  • Plan of action

  • SFDR compliance 

Our practical in-company workshops are tailor-made, so that your training is maximally effective and valuable for your company.  ​

For whom: Financial Market Participants, Financial Advisors, Asset Managers, Wealth Managers, Large and Medium Enterprises, ESG Advisors

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