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The AFM is going to monitor more strictly!

The AFM has announced that it will target financial market participants who do not comply with their statutory reporting obligations. A recent investigation by the AFM has shown that not enough firms are complying with their legal obligations under the SFDR. What emerges, is that firms cannot demonstrate their taxonomy alignment. Theyalso have great difficulty completing the AFM's templates and collecting the necessary data seems to be a hell of a job.

To avoid sanctions by the AFM, it is important to comply with the various SFDR requirements. This means clearly filling in the forms and publishing them in the right place.

To make this easier, Stainable has translated the entire SFDR regulation to make it a simple filling in exercise. Stainable helps collect the necessary data and provides the legal and technical support. Simply Comply.

Return on Accountability

We offer an ESG reporting platform that is 100% legally validated. Using this, it is easier for organizations to generate reports to meet SFDR, CSDR, Taxonomy and DuPa 2.0 requirements. So we ensure that you can focus on your core business, knowing that you are meeting the highest standards of regulation and ethics. That's what we call Return On Accountability.


Will we see you at PROVADA on June 11, 12 and 13?

We are happy to discuss any real estate related questions on CSRD compliance, sustainability and valuations, or on SFDR and EU Taxonomy.

We will give presentations and be part of panel discussions and you will receive more information about this in next week's newsletter.


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