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esg trainings and workshops

ESG (environment social governance) policies can be fleshed out by organisations in many ways. But how does meaningful ESG work in practice? And what is the role of legislation, certification and benchmarks within ESG? And how do we tie all these regulations together? 


Our ESG training courses are 100% applicable to the challenges your business faces.

Introductory course ESG & Legislation

  • Introductory course ESG law (1 day)

    • Legal landscape: how does European ESG legislation contribute to the sustainability transition?

    • Introduction to the Taxonomy Regulation.

    • Practical case study Taxonomy regulation: assessing ecological sustainability of economic activities.

    • Introduction to the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR).

    • SFDR case study: to whom does it apply, what should be reported, and where should it be published?

    • Introduction to the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD).

    • CSRD practical case: to whom does it apply, and which steps must be taken to produce a report?​

Prices and dates to follow. The training courses can also be given in-company.

  • Advanced course SFDR and RTS

    • How does my company shape a sustainable strategy at the entity and product levels?

    • How should my company qualify financial products (art. 6, art. 8, art. 9)?

    • What data does my company need to achieve a sustainable strategy?

    • Overlap data between CSRD and the SFDR

    • Case study: practice reporting at the entity level and product level SFDR


  • Advanced course CSRD and ESRS

    • How does my company identify and prioritise ESG impacts, risks and opportunities?

    • What are the subjects to be reported on in the CSRD?

    • How does my company shape a sustainable ESG strategy based on CSRD?

    • What data is needed for the implementation of the ESG strategy?

    • How can stakeholders and employees be involved in the sustainability transition?

    • How does my company stay ahead of risk and liability with a solid ESG strategy?

    • Practical case: practice with materiality analysis and reporting based on ESRS.

  • Advanced course Taxonomy

    • How does the Taxonomy Regulation help to realise ecologically sustainable real estate? 

    • What are the benefits of Taxonomy alignment?

    • What data is needed for alignment with the Taxonomy Regulation?

    • Case study Taxonomy alignment for real estate.


  • Advanced course ESG data

    • Unlocking available and reliable ESG data. What data should be collected, how does my company collect data, and how can the reliability of data be assessed?


  • In-depth workshop ESG strategy

    • How do I implement E+S+G, and how do I create an ESG strategy? 

    • Also, companies that do not (yet) have to report based on the CSRD or SFDR but still want to get started with sustainability.

    • In-company option: Including materiality assessment and due diligence

Prices and dates to follow. The modules can also be given in-company.

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