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about stainable

Stainable supports companies in preparing meaningful sustainability reports and is happy to contribute 

contributes to the greening of the economy. 

That is also the meaning of Stainable: colourable.

Making the economy more sustainable is the biggest trend in years. Giving meaningful content to ESG policy and meeting standards and requirements of the market and legislation sometimes seem difficult to reconcile. Still, that's the best route. Possible modules are:

  • What is the value of ESG?

  • How do ESG policy, legal compliance, value management, benchmarks and certificates fit together? (SFDR, CSRD, TCRD, GRESB, SDG, BREEAM, CRREM, WELL just to name a few abbreviations). 

  • How is 'health' a valuable starting point for ESG policy and compliance?

  • What does this mean for your ESG policy, for your investment, portfolio, compliance, organization and people?

  • The value of the 'S' of ESG: How can a strategic focus on the 'S' create value for your company (green products)?

  • What role do (re)certifications play in the rental contracts? How do you guarantee cooperation (Blue Lease)?

  • What role do high performance/smart and data driven buildings play now and in the future and how do you include this in the ESG policy?

Want to know more about ESG? Call us for questions or a quote. Also check out our blog.

For whom: Financial market participants, financial advisors, asset managers, asset managers, large and medium-sized companies, ESG advisors.

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