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Blue lease workshop

For the rentability and value retention of the property, it is important that (re)certifications are guaranteed in purchase and rental agreements and specifications. Blue Lease secures agreements on (re)certifications in a contract between tenant and landlord.

The Blue Lease concept consists on the one hand of agreeing cooperation and agreements between tenant and landlord and on the other hand of recording in contracts.


The following topics will be covered during the workshop:


  • Quick scan of the data required for (re)certification (including ESG, SFDR, CSRD, WELL, BREEAM)

  • Growing involvement between owner, employees and tenants.

  • Holistic approach: policy - design - operation

  • Communication: Creating awareness and commitment of people - direct space - whole building - organisation - community - society,

  • Use of data for Social Metrics (ESG) reporting, GRESB, reassessment and adjustments to achieve (re)certification and other specific goals.


Directly to WELL. 

Directly to WELL AP.

For whom: This in-company workshop is suitable for all parties in the chain involved in the realization of the built environment, from developer to contractor and from service manager to end user.

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