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Blue lease

Tenants, residents and professionals are increasingly asking for sustainable buildings to live and work in. ESG policy is therefore essential for the value development of offices and homes.

The BBI Blue 
lease concept helps landlords and tenants for concrete and practical make agreements about ESG, legal compliance and (re)certification. Because ESG is teamwork.

The Blue Lease Contract sets out the joint sustainability goals of the parties involved and describes how they will be achieved. Parties can agree in the contract on what steps they will take to increase the user's well-being, get the building certified, or recertify it. 

Blue Lease thus offers a guideline that can be laid down in purchase and rental agreements and specifications regarding (re)certifications, compliance and information provision.


ESG (re)certifications improve the negotiating position in, among other things, sales and rentals and ensure healthier buildings and less environmental impact. This is also important for the rentability and value retention of the property.

The Blue Lease team translates the "blue" idea into a concept for real estate or real estate portfolios to promote value retention. In the Blue Lease, sustainability ambitions and (re)certification requirements are laid down in an appendix to a (rental) contract. This blueprint, which is applied by BBI specifically per client, is part of Next Generation Real Estate.​

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