WELL AP Exam Prep

The WELL AP Exam Prep training prepares you for IWBI's WELL AP exam. During the training, all 10 Concepts of WELL v2 will be covered. Every quarter we organize a WELL AP Exam Prep in which the trainer teaches in groups of up to 25 people.

Why become a WELL AP?

Do you want to know more about health within the built environment? What health really is, what effect buildings have on human health? How you achieve a healthy building and what role does WELL actually play in this? If you are interested in these topics, then the WELL AP Exam Prep training is perfect for you. After attending this course you will be totally prepared to take the WELL AP exam at IWBI.

Trainer: Tim Beuker,  the first WELL AP and WELL Faculty Member in the Netherlands. Indoor Climate Specialist at bba binnenmilieu bv.

Course dates:

  •  19 april 13:00-17:00 uur
  •  26 april 13:00-17:00 uur
  •  3 mei 13:00 -17:00 uur
  •  10 mei 13:00 -17:00 uur

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The cost for this training is €897,- ex VAT. The training will be given on four different dayparts. The invoice will be sent to the relevant email address.