We enhance the health and wellbeing of users in the built environment

Blue Building Institute

Blue Building Institute (BBI)'s mission is to promote human health and well-being in the built environment. We want to achieve this together with all market players in the entire real estate chain - from financier to end user.

Our objective is to continuously add value throughout the entire life cycle of a building: in the design phase, in the realization phase and during the operational phase.

To this end, together with our industry partners, we offer an integrated package of complementary products and services (one-stop-shop), including Portfolio Sustainability & Regulatory Management, Certification Consultancy, (in-company) training courses and Compliance Reporting (ESG and SFDR).

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Keystone Partner van het International WELL Building Insitute

BBI develops knowledge

BBI is a knowledge platform that conducts research and promotes innovation in the field of sustainable and healthy buildings. To this end, we collaborate with various universities (including Nyenrode Business University, TU Delft, TU Eindhoven and Erasmus MC), WHO, UN, Harvard, World GBC and Delos. BBI is also a Keystone Partner of the International WELL Building Institute and as such has introduced the WELL Building Standard to the Dutch market since 2016 and launched several pilot projects.

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Keystone Partner van het International WELL Building Insitute

BBI connect partners

BBI is a networking organization with the ambition to connect parties in the full, highly fragmented real estate chain. We are there for investors, developers, architects, investors, banks, operators, end users, health insurers, builders and property owners, but also for facility and hospitality organizations, home automation, high-tech and IT companies, certification bodies and knowledge organizations.

We are committed to sharing knowledge, generating new forms of collaboration and developing new products and services. To this end, we continuously organize various online or live webinars and Round Table sessions with partners and (inter)national parties. We also participate in Real Estate fairs such as Provada, MIPIM and Expo Real together with our partners and other network contacts. Every year we organize our own BLUE Day Network Event.

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Keystone Partner van het International WELL Building Insitute

BBI trains and educates

Under the flag of our BBI Academy we provide workshops, (in-company) training courses, presentations and webinars, sometimes in cooperation with our partners, professors, researchers and other experts from the market. On request we also develop customized training modules. BBI Academy is the preferred supplier of numerous real estate organizations regarding the WELL Building Standard training courses. We offer various training courses individually or in-company in the field of WELL, ESG, and SFDR, such as:

WELL Introduction training.

WELL AP Exam Prep Training.

Health-Safety Rating Workshop.

WELL Portfolio training (coming soon).

SFDR training - your toolkit to achieve SFDR compliance.

ESG training - ESG reporting, a nice to have or a must have? Unlocking sustainable value through ESG.

BLUE Lease training - how to secure (re)certifications in your contracts.

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Keystone Partner van het International WELL Building Insitute

BBI advises and supports

Together with our partners, we are developing more and more as strategic advisors for parties in the entire real estate chain. In particular, we focus on Portfolio Sustainability & Regulatory Management, Certification Consultancy (including data) and Compliance Reporting (ESG and SFDR). BBI also specializes in support in drafting (legal) contracts and checking contracts for compliance with existing laws and regulations, and can offer a helping hand when it comes to being compliant with the SFDR and related regulations.

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Keystone Partner van het International WELL Building Insitute

BBI Cornerstone partner of IWBI

BBI is a Cornerstone Partner of the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI). With its "people first approach" to buildings, organizations and communities, IWBI is leading a global movement to transform health and well-being in buildings. It does this through the WELL Building Standard, a roadmap for creating and certifying space that promotes human health and well-being.

BBI is a board member of the IWBI ESG Advisory Group. This advisory group focuses on national and international issues related to ESG, the SFDR (Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation), compliance reporting and certifications.

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BBI a one-stop-shop for workplace wellness with a focus on ESG compliance and certifications


With the growth of the "green and healthy" real estate market, there is an increase of new developments within the financial sector. This is not only related to the new European regulations (including, among others, the SFDR) but also to the advent of the Environmental Social Governance (ESG) standard. The social element of ESG issues is the most difficult for many parties to assess. This is in contrast to environmental and governance issues, which are easier to define, have an established track record of market data and are often accompanied by solid regulations.  Social issues are less tangible and offer less mature data to show how they can affect a company's performance.


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The so-called Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation ((EU) 2019/2088), or SFDR for short, is one of the legislative measures that in its effect promotes long-term investments in sustainable economic activities and projects. The SFDR is a regulation, which means that it has general application, is binding in all its parts and is directly applicable in any member state. The SFDR does not oblige investors to make sustainable investments. The SFDR does introduce transparency obligations regarding sustainability. In summary, these obligations fall on all financial market participants (FMPs) and financial advisors (FAs) in the development and distribution chain of financial products with an investment component.


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A range of assessment frameworks, tools and approaches have emerged to evaluate how a construction project qualifies in terms of long-term sustainability and health.  There are several certifications that indicate how sustainable a building actually is, including LEED and BREEAM. But there are also certifications, such as those of the International WELL Building Institute, that include the well-being of the end user in the assessment and can give substance to the "S" criteria in an ESG report. BBI supports various parties in the real estate chain with the (re)certification of real estate, to be able to meet the legal reporting requirements more easily, to become more compliant and to be able to continue to monitor and control buildings well to secure end investments.

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Why become a partner of BBI?

Why become a BBI partner?

More and more, and ever more stringent sustainability and health requirements are being imposed on buildings and the built environment. This leads to a strongly increasing and increasingly complex administrative task (i.e. correct reporting) for investors, property owners, asset managers and end users. BBI is aware of the labyrinth of requirements in this area (ESG, SFDR, Taxonomy etc.) and can guide your organization in this.


Sustainable and healthy working and living environments are increasingly becoming an area of law where enforcement will play a role. BBI has the knowledge and experience that your organization can use to permanently meet compliance issues related to sustainability and health risks.

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View our open vacancies (Dutch only)

Would you like to work at Blue Building Institute and become our new colleague? We are convinced that people should be given the space to work from their own authenticity and to take initiatives. Blue Building Institute is an organization in which we bring people together to continuously make a difference. So are you, like us, passionate about sustainability and health in the built environment? Then apply directly to one of the vacancies or contact us to look at the possibilities together.

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