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BBI REPORT Q2 - 2021

Since 2015, Blue Building Institute has focused on promoting the health, well-being and happiness of users in the built environment. As an independent knowledge institute, network organisation and academy, we are leading in wellbeing with and for our partners. In this Q2 quarterly report, we tell you about the developments and activities that have taken place at BBI in the past few months.

Topics to be covered:

- BBI launches BLUE Lease Format

- ESG REPORTING - a nice-to-have or a must-have?

- Expansion of BBI advisory team

- Launch of new BBI WELL training courses


- Event calendar for autumn 2021


This quarter BBI officially launched its Blue Lease format. With this format, parties such as tenants and landlords jointly lay down agreements on sustainability ambitions and (re)certification plans/requirements for the buildings. This format is then added as an appendix to an agreement, such as a lease, purchase agreement or cooperation agreement, in order to frame and secure the stated ambitions and investments.

The Blue Lease contains obligations for regular consultations between the parties about the current and future state of the building with regard to sustainability and appoints responsible persons for these consultations. These obligations also ensure that the parties continue the dialogue with each other and the environment about improving the condition and use of the building and meeting the set (re)certification requirements. This not only secures the investments made but also increases the value of the building.

The Blue Lease Format has two parts: the contract itself and the accompanying annexes.

In the Blue Lease contract component, the joint sustainability goals of the parties involved are laid down and a description is given of how they will be achieved. For example, parties can agree in the contract that they will take certain steps to increase the well-being of the user in the building, to get the building certified or to recertify the building.

The purpose of the Blue Lease Annexes is to create more involvement, awareness and commitment among all parties. The means used for this purpose include delving into the (WELL) features, training courses, events, recurring meeting moments and internal and external marketing activities. In this way, the parties' knowledge of the established goals in the Blue Lease contract and the (re-) certification requirements are promoted and they contribute to the well-being and health of users in the building.

The Blue Lease has several advantages, including:

  • Securing the investments in the building;
  • Securing the (re)certification of the building;
  • Better negotiating position in case of lease and sale, among others.
  • Increasing the involvement, awareness and commitment of the building's users regarding sustainability and human sustainability;
  • Exchange of building data between parties;
  • Use of data to supplement ESG reports, among other things;
    Implementing the same ambitions as standard for the entire portfolio.

For each client, BBI offers a Blue Lease format that is tailor-made in cooperation with the client. The BBI Academy can give substance to the agreed training courses, events and agenda items of the Blue Lease Annexes. BBI can also continue to play an advisory role with regard to all new developments in the field of health in the built environment.



With the growth of the "green and healthy" real estate market, there is an increase in new developments within the financial sector. This is not only due to the new European regulations but also to the rise of ESG.

A good ESG policy and its performance will attract more investors. A company is free to interpret the ESG criteria, but this can be experienced as challenging. Partners and relations of the Blue Building Institute increasingly ask BBI to help them set up an ESG policy, to draw up contracts that guarantee certification and to give advice on legal issues.

The BBI Academy now also offers an ESG workshop. The following topics are addressed here:

  • How do you determine the "S" in ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) and why is it taking off?
  • What is legally required and what is desired?
  • What role do ESG and SFDR reports play?
  • What is the coherence/overlap between the 3.
  • Who are the (financial) players?
  • What role do high performance / smart and data-driven buildings play in the future?
  • How do you guarantee the investments made by means of an ESG report.
  • What role do WELL (re)certifications play in the (purchase and rental) contracts and the
  • ESG report and how do you guarantee it?

Target group: investors, developers, architects, banks, appraisers, property owners, facility and hospitality organisations, high tech and IT companies.

The ESG workshop is also given in-company. Are you interested, please contact us.

"In 2020, companies that were run under the multi-stakeholder model, putting purpose at its core, with ESG as a driver, were performing better." - Paul Polman, Former CEO Unilever - Founder and Partner Imagine


On 30 June, Lisa Amin, Head of Continental Europe at 90 North Group joined our Advisory Board.

At 90 North Group, Lisa is responsible for the development and implementation of the company's European real estate investment strategy.

Among other things, 90 North has acquired and WELL certified the head offices of Danone and Asics. As an investor, they see the Dutch market as a major growth market for high end and sustainable buildings.


Peter Oussoren is Partner and Urban Producer at Coup Group.

As Business Development Manager, Peter will help BBI to initiate projects and new forms of cooperation.

Peter has experience on both the private and public sides with complex processes of decision-making on spatial investments.

Gerrit Jan Teunissen is Consultant LEED, WELL AP, Faculty Member, LFA at Traject Adviseurs.

As Academy & Research Developer, he will help BBI to expand its Knowledge Institute and Academy and to position them more firmly in the market.

Gerrit-Jan is the first WELL and LEED Accredited Professional in the Netherlands. Gerrit-Jan gained experience in green building and sustainable projects in the Netherlands, Brazil, Dubai, Hungary and Switzerland.


At this moment, Blue Building Institute is the only organisation in the Netherlands that offers training to increase your WELL Building Standard knowledge and to keep it up to date.

BBI sees a large increase in the demand for WELL AP's (Accredited Professionals). This is because the WELL Building Standard certifications are being implemented more and more often. Also, suppliers and designers are increasingly asked to conform their product/work to the WELL certification requirements. There are even positions such as WELL Officer and Blue Officer!

In order to meet the demand that has arisen in the market, BBI has scaled up the range of training courses offered in the Academy. These trainings are now also given in-company.

Curious? Click here to check out our academy.



Thursday 4 November 2021 from 17.30 to 22.00 in Museum Voorlinden (Wassenaar) After Covid we don't have to explain anymore that (human) sustainability is on top of every CEO's agenda. With the rise of ESG, legislation and market pressure, sustainability has become a fact. But despite the "we problem", we are still dealing with a "me society".

Great strides can be made through moral leadership and new partnerships. The changing consumer market has an impact on large companies, these companies can influence politics.

During our event on 4 November, we want to inspire around 90 CEOs from the industry, real estate and user market, as well as representatives from politics, with speakers with vision and decisiveness.

The latest news on developments in the field of sustainability and well-being and the most important challenges for the future will be highlighted by BBI and the speakers present during the event. The topics that will be central during this event include climate risks, sustainability and human sustainability. Also the new SFDR regulation, ESG obligations and their implementation, partly through the WELL Building Standard, will be discussed.

The provisional lineup:

  • Paul Scialla (Chief Executive Officer at Delos and Founder of the International Well Building Institute, confirmed;
  • Maarten Wetselaar (Director Global Integrated Gas Renewables and Energy Solutions at Royal Dutch Shell), confirmed.

We will soon present the other prominent speakers.

Do you want to participate in this event as a main sponsor or sponsor? Please contact Marianne Groenendal* - Chief Marketing & Communications at BBI - via the button below.

The number of seats (max 90) is limited. We can't wait to meet you there!" - Alexandra A. Jurgens-Boot - Founder & CEO BBI

Click here to contact Marianne Groenendaal*



  • Nexton and Nationale Nederlanden round table session: 15 September
  • PropertyNL round table session: 16 September
  • MIPIM: 7 and 8 September
  • Provada (presentations at the stands of our partners AM/BAM, Rabobank, ABN AMRO and PropertyNL): 26, 27 and 28 October
  • Blue Day Dinner Event "A CALL TO ACTION": 4 November Museum Voorlinden

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GRATIS Webinar: Frank Evenblij interviewt Johan Cruijff ArenA en Yankee Stadium! 

BBI organiseert 21 Januari 2021 om 16:00 uur een webinar waar Frank Evenblij (o.a. bekend van Bureau Sport) zowel het Yankee Stadium als de Johan Cruijff ArenA interviewt. 

Het belang van de gezondheid van sportgebouwen wordt hier uitgebreid besproken. Hoe ontvangt een stadion zijn spelers, fans en werknemers straks op een verantwoorde manier?