Replay webinar: WELL Feature Air, Air Quality, Ventilation & COVID-19

Uncategorized Sep 29, 2021


Topics: WELL Feature Air, Air Quality, Ventilation & COVID-19
Language: Dutch

Blue Building Institute Nederland (BBI) organised a Webinar on Monday 11 October with Prof. dr. ir. atze boerstra, director bba binnenmilieu bv & Professor Building Services Innovation, Technische Universiteit DelftAntwan van Haaren, Senior Advisor and  partner DGMR, Technical Manager Blue Building Institute and WELL AP; Gerrit-Jan Teunissen Consultant (LEED&WELL AP, Faculty Member, LFA) at TRAJECT Adviseurs and Richard de Ruijter Smart Building Consultant at Nexton.

The following topics will be discussed:

- What do we know and what not, 1.5 years after the outbreak of the pandemic?

- What lessons can be learned with regard to the (performance) requirements to be applied in order to limit the transmission of respiratory infections in indoor spaces and through installations? This not only concerns minimum fresh air supply amounts but also issues such as airflow direction, air cleaning and air quality monitoring.

- What do the new insights mean for the design of new buildings and the management of existing buildings? How do the new requirements relate to the Buildings Decree?

In addition, we will zoom in on the requirements within the WELL Building Standard in the area of, for example, minimum fresh air supply, maintenance/management of ventilation systems and air purification.

In conclusion, a case study will be discussed.

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Blue Building Institute Netherlands (BBI) is keystone partner of the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI)


GRATIS Webinar: Frank Evenblij interviewt Johan Cruijff ArenA en Yankee Stadium! 

BBI organiseert 21 Januari 2021 om 16:00 uur een webinar waar Frank Evenblij (o.a. bekend van Bureau Sport) zowel het Yankee Stadium als de Johan Cruijff ArenA interviewt. 

Het belang van de gezondheid van sportgebouwen wordt hier uitgebreid besproken. Hoe ontvangt een stadion zijn spelers, fans en werknemers straks op een verantwoorde manier?