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Blue Building Institute

Leading in Wellbeing | Quarterly Report 4 - 2021

Blue Building Institute (BBI) has been focusing on promoting user health, well-being, and happiness in the built environment since 2015. As an independent knowledge institute, networking organization and academy, we are leading in wellbeing with and for our partners. In this Q4 quarterly report, we will tell you about the developments and activities that have taken place at BBI in recent months.

Photo: Azerbaijan | Zaha Hadid

BBI News & Activities

BLUE Day Network Event 04-11-2021

Our first BLUE Day Network event - A Call For Action at the Museum Voorlinden in Wassenaar took place just before the lockdown and was a great success. This annual event aims to bring together key players in the real estate market, other industries, end-users, investors, and politicians. The setting of the networking event promotes solving common challenges and establishing new collaborations. National and international keynote speakers Paul Scialla (Delos & IWBI), Laura Craft (Heitman), Rutger van Hoogstraten (Shell Nederland), André Nijhof (Nyenrode), and Ann Marie Aguilar (IWBI) shed their light on the latest developments in European regulation and ESG. Click here to watch the aftermovie.

Launch BBI Subscription Platform

During the successful BLUE Day Network Event, BBI announced its partnership with Colliers and Marketbridge-ISS.  More information will follow in the next quarterly report. Photo: signing moment of the cooperation. Bas Ambachtsheer (Colliers), Alexandra A. Jurgens-Boot (BBI), Tim Furey (Marketbridge-ISS). 

PropertyNL & Alexandra A. Jurgens - Boot

A good ESG policy becomes crucial for attracting investors and good employees. Greenwashing will be tackled. According to Boot, new European regulations on sustainability, including the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR), also affect real estate parties. They must be transparent about the sustainability risks of their investments, in order to prevent greenwashing. 'We are now at a place in time where there are major doubts about the current classifications in the field of sustainability. The AFM recently scrutinized 1250 investment funds with a total of €1,000 billion in invested assets. Of these, 40% claim to be sustainable, while the regulator has doubts. Parties who pretend to be green, but are not, can expect legal proceedings. There is a significant risk of reputation damage if parties are lax with the rules,' says Boot. Click here to read the entire interview. 

BBI News & Activities

WELL Webinar Air | 11-09-2021

On Monday, October 11, BBI organized the WELL webinar Air together with Prof. Dr. Atze Boerstra, Director bba Indoor Environment bv & Professor Building Services Innovation, Delft University of Technology; Antwan van Haaren, Senior Advisor and Partner DGMR, Technical Manager Blue Building Institute and WELL AP; Gerrit-Jan Teunissen Consultant (LEED&WELL AP, Faculty Member, LFA) at TRAJECT Advisors and Richard de Ruijter Smart Building Consultant at Nexton. 

Topics: What do we know and what do we not, a year and a half after the outbreak of the pandemic? What do the new insights mean for the design of new buildings and the management of existing buildings and how do the new requirements relate to the Building Regulations? Click here to watch the webinar.

WELL In-company Training Savills | 07-12-2021

On December 7, BBI provided two in-company training courses at the request of Savills.  The WELL v2 introduction training was given by trainer Tim Beuker (Indoor Climate Specialist bba indoor environment), WELL AP & WELL Faculty member). The Health Safety Rating was taken care of by trainer Antwan van Haaren (Senior Advisor and partner DGMR and WELL AP). The BBI in-company trainings give organizations and their consultants better insight into the applicability of the various (WELL, BREEAM, LEED) certifications, ESG reports, and the BLUE Lease format. They also offer tools to further develop their consultancy or policy based on this new knowledge. View all our in-company training courses here.

BBI Knowledge session on the Provada | 24-10-2021

During Provada, BBI presented exclusive in-depth sessions on ESG, The WELL Building Standard, and its new BLUE Lease format at the AM and Rabobank stands. The following topics were discussed: Securing the investments in the building; securing the (re)certification of the building; better negotiating position in e.g., leasing and selling; increasing the involvement, awareness, and commitment of the building user towards sustainability and human sustainability; the use of data for ESG reporting, among other things; structurally implementing the same ambitions across the portfolio; and introduction of the BLUE Lease format. This format was specially developed for building owners to secure certain agreements regarding such matters as (re)certification between contractors and tenants.

Nils Bonder: "At AM we know better than anyone that our people are the real value of the company. This requires a workplace and office that optimally supports the well-being of the employee. BLUE Lease helps us to make good agreements between the owner of the building, tenants, and contractors. In this way we create a joint commitment, continue to steer towards achieving desired results and keep the building and our workplace healthy and sustainable."

PODSTAD: Podcast Session with Colliers | 17-12-2021 

On Thursday, December 2, Colliers hosted a new episode in which Dirk Bakker CEO of real estate advisor Colliers discussed The Healthy City with Marhinde Verkerk (Interior Designer at Colliers), Alexandra A. Jurgens-Boot (Founder & CEO Blue Building Institute), and Ronald Huikeshoven (Executive Chairman AM). "The city is never finished. Better is always possible and everyone has an opinion on that." - Colliers. We, as the Blue Building Institute, are happy to join in on that. We see that the realization of The Healthy City will happen at an accelerated pace. Alexandra Boot explains why during this podcast. The following topics were discussed: The benefits of ESG reporting; the use of WELL certifications for end users, property owners and investors alike; and the market’s movement towards mandatory reporting of ESG, SFDR, NFRD, and EU Taxonomy in the near future.

Ronald Huikeshoven: "Our clients ask us to include the regulations at an early stage of the projects. It is no longer a question but a must." Click here to listen to the podcast session.

BBI Presents:

AM & BAM Extend Strategic Partnership

On Thursday, December 16, Mario Broos (Directie voorzitter BAM bouw en vastgoed) en Raymon van Miltenburg (Directie AM) signed the renewal of their Strategic Partnership with BBI. Both organisations will focus in the coming years on implementing WELL certification within their property projects and area development.

Did Vastgoedontwikkeling Consulting Partner

Recently, Did Vastgoedontwikkeling also joined our network as a Consulting Partner. "We realize places where people want to live, work and stay. Together with future users, residents, and neighbors, DID develops sustainable and inspiring living environments based on the principle: Healthy Living Vital Living. With the help of BBI, we want to make our developments measurable and give them more form and substance based on scientific research." Ed Heijstee Partner Did Real Estate Development.


WELL Webinar Light                        February 2022

Well Webinar Nourishment           March 2022

MIPIM                                                15-18 March

EXPO REAL                                        4-6 October

Provada                                             14-16 June

BLUE Day Netwerk Event               10 November

The BBI Team would like to thank all its partners, sponsors, and network contacts for their great efforts in making 2021 an inspiring and successful year! Wishing all of you a very HEALTHY & HAPPY NEW YEAR!


GRATIS Webinar: Frank Evenblij interviewt Johan Cruijff ArenA en Yankee Stadium! 

BBI organiseert 21 Januari 2021 om 16:00 uur een webinar waar Frank Evenblij (o.a. bekend van Bureau Sport) zowel het Yankee Stadium als de Johan Cruijff ArenA interviewt. 

Het belang van de gezondheid van sportgebouwen wordt hier uitgebreid besproken. Hoe ontvangt een stadion zijn spelers, fans en werknemers straks op een verantwoorde manier?